Servicing & MOT



Bronze Health Check

Although our Bronze Health Check is not a vehicle service, it will provide you with an indication of the current condition and operation of key components of a vehicle. The following is included:

Interior Checks

• Fit Protective Covers
• Check Operation of Interior and Exterior Lights*
• Check Operation of ABS and Air Bag Warning Lights
• Check Air Conditioning Operation including Bad Odour
• Check Windscreen Washers and Wipers (Front and Rear)
• Check Operation of Horn
• Check Illumination of Instrument Panel

Under Bonnet Checks

• Check and Record anti-Freeze Protection
• Check Brake Fluid Level and Condition
• Check Power Steering Operation and Fluid Condition
• Check Oil Level

Tyre Report

• Check Condition
• Check Tread Depth
• Check Pressure

Final Checks

• Road Test and Report any Findings
• Ensure Upholstery, Gear lever, Steering Wheel etc is Clean


Silver Service (oil service)

Our oil service replaces your engine oil and filter and is recommended in-between main servicing. An oil service can often give reassurance before a long journey, particularly if it has been a while since your car’s regular service. There are a variety of oils available to suit your car and budget, all of which we will recommend in accordance with your car manufacturer’s specifications.

Interim Service

In-between your main annual service, why not have smaller interim services every 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever is earlier? These more frequent checks are also advisable for vehicles doing high mileage on a regular basis and can help lessen the load on your full service.


Gold Service (full service)

Ideally a full service would take place every 12,000 miles or annually, whichever occurs sooner and consists of a number of comprehensive checks in-line with your car manufacturer’s guidelines.

Bronze Health Check - £19.99
Silver Service - from £89.99
Gold Service - from £119.99



We offer a comprehensive repair service, from a simple bulb change to more complex engine and gearbox work, we have a wealth of experience in diagnosing and repairing a vast range of vehicle faults.



M.O.T. stands for Ministry Of Transport.
All UK cars 3 years old and over require a valid MOT certificate by law. 
The MOT scheme is a road safety measure designed to ensure that all cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles more than 3 years old are properly maintained.
At least once a year a vehicle must be examined at an authorised MOT test station to make sure that they comply with certain important requirements of the law.

How soon can I have an MOT test?

MOT tests can be carried out on your car up to one month prior to the expiry date of an existing UK MOT certificate provided that a current MOT certificate is presented to the examiner at the time of the test.

£39 - free retest